Emmaus Youth Wrestling Association (formerly East Penn Youth Wrestling) is available to ALL residents of the entire East Penn School District�grades K-6. The objective of the EPYWA shall be to teach, within a competitive environment, the basic principles

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Emmaus Youth Wrestling-Upcoming 2020-2021 Program

Hornet Wrestling Families,

We hope this note finds you all well! Registration for the 2020-2021 program is now open to all families that reside in the East Penn (Emmaus) School District, between ages 5 through 13, grades 5th through 6th. This is not a typical year of Emmaus Youth Wrestling so please read this note in its entirety.

First, we will not be utilizing Emmaus High School for our practice or match day facilities. We will stay in close contact with our partners in the Emmaus Athletic Department and if there is an opportunity to share resources safely we will do our best. We will be practicing at Elite Sports Academy, located on Colebrook Ave in Emmaus. Due to the current situation with Covid-19 and the size of our practice space, parents will not be permitted to stay and watch practice. Parents can wait outside or in their car. We ask everybody to review this policy with their wrestler, prior to registering, especially our younger wrestlers. There will be no exceptions to this policy. We will also be following the attached Health and Safety Plan. We had the opportunity to pilot this plan during our fall wrestling program and it’s has been successful so far. This is a fluid situation and if there is a need to update or adjust this plan to protect our wrestlers and community we will do so immediately.

Our practice schedule will be adjusted as well:

-Wrestlers in grades K-3, with 2 years of experience or less (Our Exhibition/Novice Level) will practice Tuesdays and Thursday’s from 5:30-7:00pm.

-Wrestlers in grades 3-6, with 3+ years of experience or prior Varsity experience (Our Intermediate & Advanced Levels) will practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00-8:30pm.

Coaches will determine which wrestlers will wrestle in which session if any adjustments are necessary. We will begin all levels November 3rd. Novice and Intermediate will conclude January 28th, Advance will conclude February 5th.

Currently our league, the Valley Elementary Wrestling League has cancelled all events through January. The majority of the teams utilize school district facilities like we do, but they may not have the resources or support that our program has to move off campus. We will be meeting this month and will update our members accordingly.

So what does all this mean from a competition perspective? Currently we do not have a league schedule and we are waiting for guidance from our league if a VEWL season is even possible. This applies to all levels - Novice, JV, and Varsity. Also, since we are not in Emmaus High School, there will be no Friday Night Novice Exhibitions.

Once we get guidance from our league we will either share our schedule, or our coaching staff and executive board will begin to look for opportunities for competition at all levels.

This is the initial plan, this will be updated accordingly and communicated out to all members. We are looking forward to some great wrestling, thank you for joining us!


The Emmaus Youth Wrestling Assoc. Board of Directors & Coaching Staff

by posted 10/21/2020
Emmaus Youth Wrestling COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

Emmaus Youth Wrestling
COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan
Purpose of the plan: The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked dramatic changes across
all aspects of our daily lives. In order to safely return to organized activity, additional
measures must be considered and put in place in order to protect the health and
safety of the athletes involved. Emmaus Youth Wrestling has developed the following
health and safety plan based on best practices, as recommended by the CDC, for the
purpose of re-introducing the wrestlers to the wrestling room.
1. Wrestling room preparations and daily cleaning:
a. Prior to the first use of the facility and at the conclusion of each
practice, the wrestling mats and all high touch/high traffic areas will be
fully sanitized.
b. Hand sanitizer (70% alcohol) will be available before, during and after all
2. Coach Training:
a. All coaches involved with Emmaus Youth Wrestling will be required to
review “What you should know about COVID-19 to protect yourself and
others,” developed by the CDC.
3. Requirement of sick athletes and coaches to stay home:
a. Anyone with a fever or cold symptoms within the previous 24 hours will
not be permitted to participate and should contact their health care
4. Health Screening Procedures:
a. Upon entry to the facility each wrestler will be screened via temperature
check prior to each practice session. Symptomatic wrestlers will not be
permitted to participate, will be required to leave with a parent/guardian,
and should contact their health care provider.
b. A health screening questionnaire will be posted at the check-in table
with the instruction for all wrestlers to answer each question on a daily
basis prior to entering the facility.
c. Anyone with a fever or cold symptoms within the previous 24 hours will
not be permitted to participate and should contact their health care
5. Positive COVID-19 case within Emmaus Youth Wrestling:
a. Should a wrestler who has practiced at the facility test positive for
COVID-19 or had close contact with a person diagnosed with
COVID-19, the wrestler shall be excluded from practice for 14 days.
b. All areas used by the wrestler will be closed off and disinfected after 24
c. A log will be maintained on a daily basis of the attendees at each
practice session, which will be utilized in the event that contact tracing
must occur.
d. All guidance from the CDC and PA DOH will be adhered to by Emmaus
Youth Wrestling.
6. Hygiene:
a. Hand-washing or hand sanitizing will be encouraged prior to and
following each practice.
7. Individual Hydration:
a. The water fountain has been shut off, therefore there will be no
dispensing of water at the facility.
b. All coaches and wrestlers must bring their own labeled water or drinks
to practice sessions. Drinks will not be permitted to be shared.
8. Non-Essential Spectators:
a. In line with CDC recommendations, all non-essential spectators will be
asked to remain in their cars after drop-off.
9. COVID-19 Waiver:
a. The parent/guardian of each wrestler, upon return to Emmaus Youth
Wrestling, will be required to complete a COVID-19 Waiver

by posted 10/21/2020
Emmaus Youth Wrestling Association
About EYWA Wrestling:

Emmaus Youth Wrestling Association is available to ALL residents of the entire East Penn School District!
Wrestlers participate in the sixth-grade-and-under Valley Elementary Wrestling League (http://www.vewl.org/). We will have two Varsity and two Junior Varsity squads for league competition as well as an Intramural Novice Program. There are 34 Varsity (V) and 34 Junior Varsity (JV) positions available. Exhibition matches will be open to all wrestlers (no 17 position limit) who are not on the V or JV team. Practice will begin in early November with matches starting in early December and lasting through January. Typically, V and JV matches are on Sunday’s and Exhibition matches are on Friday nights.
The current 17 weights are as follows:

46lbs, 50lbs, 54lbs, 58lbs, 61lbs, 64lbs, 67lbs, 70lbs, 73lbs, 76lbs, 80lbs, 85lbs, 90lbs, 95lbs, 105lbs, 120lbs, 160lbs

by posted 08/20/2014
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